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Pet Dental Month

Updated: Oct 29, 2022

February is National Pet Dental Month and what better way to promote dental health than to give a few tips on how to brush your dog's teeth. Dogs at any age can be acclimated to teeth brushing, it just takes a little patience and consistency.

Just like humans, pets can acquire some serious dental damage from not brushing. By the age of three, most dogs have evidence of periodontal disease according to the American Veterinary Dental College. 

Periodontal disease starts as plaque buildup, which secretes under the gum line leading to tooth loss. Gingivitis is also included under periodontal disease. Dental disease is one of the most common preventable diseases! 

Pets with teeth and gum issues often have sensitivities and pain that can reduce eating and cause a personality change in your otherwise happy pooch. All it takes is a little brushing!

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