Each and every one of the pet sitters listed below are INCREDIBLE!!! They have ALL been through a comprehensive background check and have proven to be honest, dependable and worthy of my trust and yours. Every pet sitter with Nana's Pet Sitting has completed the 8-hour extensive PET TECH PetSaver class, which includes Pet Care, Pet First Aid & CPR training. This is a two year training certificate that each pet sitter renews annually as an extra precaution. Every sitter owns, loves and cares for their own pets and is anxious to meet and care for yours! We have our own set of training procedures and standards in place that are followed 100%. After every visit with your pets, a note will be left to explain everything that was accomplished and completed by your pets and your pet sitter. After every visit, Nana gets a text indicating that the visit has been completed as planned. We have a very effective system in place for the safety and comfort of you, your home and your pets!
Meet Nana's Team!
Lisa has been with Nana's since the very beginning. She serviced a very large area in the South Park area and everyone loved her! She moved over to Gastonia and now has a new baby, Hunter, who just turned 6-months old. Lisa helps a lot with the different pet shows and has done a little pet sitting over in the Gastonia area. We are thrilled to have Lisa active again with us! She is a fabulous pet sitter and certainly loves pet sitting she gets the opportunity. Be sure to say hello to Lisa when you see her at the various pet shows!  PET TECH FIRST AID, CPR & PET CARE TRAINED.
Sharon grew up and lived her whole life in Maine until 1997 when she and her husband moved to Charlotte with their German shepherd, greyhound and cat. “I have always loved animals and especially dogs. I find that through pet sitting I can have as many animals as I want and still not go over the ‘two dogs is enough’ rule set by my husband. I thoroughly enjoy making sure each pet in my care gets the level of attention I want for my own dogs when I travel. I was a customer of Nana's Pet Sitting before I became a pet sitter.” Pictured with Brady, the newest German Shepherd in her life, Sharon will be visiting your pets in the Highland Creek and University areas. PET TECH FIRST AID, CPR & PET CARE TRAINED.
Liddy moved to the Huntersville area in summer 2013. She grew up with a Shetland Sheepdog and is a huge animal lover. She has two Shelties of her own, as well as an English Cream Retriever. She feels very strongly about taking good care of your pet(s). "They depend on us and in return give back more love and devotion than you can ever imagine!" Liddy will be taking care of your pets in the Huntersville and surrounding areas. PET TECH FIRST AID, CPR & PET CARE TRAINED.
Natalie is a recent Clemson graduate doing continuous education to be a dietitian and currently living in the Huntersville area. She grew up with Shetland Sheepdogs from the day she was born and has always loved animals of all kinds. "When I was away at school, I missed my pets more than anyone since I couldn't just give them a quick phone call like I could my mom. If only they could talk!" She believes that animals are the most loving and loyal friends out there. Natalie will be taking care of your pets in the Huntersville and surrounding areas. PET TECH FIRST AID, CPR & PET CARE TRAINED.
Heidi was born and raised in Vermont. She grew up with a variety of animals but always with beagles. After receiving her B.A. and M.S. from the University of Vermont in 1985, Heidi moved to Charlotte. She just retired from CMS after 30 years of service as a speech-language pathologist. Her true love has always been for animals. Her favorites being dogs, primates and llamas. Heidi has rescued several dogs since living in Charlotte. Her current girls are Chloe (black lab) and JJ (border collie/cocker spaniel mix). Heidi is also the mother of a 19 year old son. She is an avid fan of basketball and tennis. Other interests include travel, music, the mountains and the beach. Heidi will be caring for your pets in the Matthews, Weddington area.

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Fran grew up in Connecticut and moved then moved to Bermuda when she married her husband, David. While living on the island, they adopted Westies and befriended all the homeless cats that showed up at their door. In 2006 they relocated to the Northlake area of Charlotte. Pictured here with her niece's dog, Paris, Fran is excited to get back into pet care and she is looking forward to giving your pets all the love and care they deserve. Fran will be caring for your pets in the University Area. PET TECH FIRST AID, CPR & PET CARE TRAINED.
Laura grew up in Northern Minnesota and moved to Charlotte in 2012. She has been a cat lover since the age of 4. She currently has 3 cats- Sprinkles, Pipka and Tigger. Laura loves all cats and her friends call her "The cat whisperer" because she can make friends with any cat she meets. Laura is excited to surround herself with even more cats through pet sitting. She is eager to meet and care for your pets while you are gone and will be pet sitting in the Huntersville area. PET TECH FIRST AID, CPR &PET CARED TRAINED.

Britany grew up in small town in Wisconsin and moved to Charlotte in 2012 looking for her next adventure. She grew up with the family dog Bruno, a basset hound/beagle mix and was sad to leave him behind when she left for Charlotte. Britany found Nana's and it was a match made in heaven. She was unable to get her own dog but was able to love and look after so many wonderful pets as a sitter with Nana's. In 2016 she was finally ready to adopt her own dog, Archer, a husky/shepherd mix. Britany was a pet sitter with Nana's until 2017, when she moved down to Greenville, SC. She is currently the content manager for Nana's Pet Sitting and loves getting to see pictures of all her favorite pets from the South Park area!

Blair grew up on a small farm in Marshville, NC. Both of her parents were huge animal lovers and allowed Beth and her brother to have any pet they wanted. This included two iguanas, a bird, cats, dogs, hamsters, and a very special white rat. After high school Blair moved to Charlotte to attend college and graduated from UNC Charlotte in 2010 with a BA in Psychology. She continued to live in Charlotte and worked for a non-profit agency that served at-risk children and families in the community. Recently, Blair decided to return to school, and that’s when she met Nana. "After my first visit with Nana, I knew I loved this job. I get just as excited as the dogs do when I arrive at each visit! I feel that every animal is special and deserves all the love and affection that I can give." Blair will be caring for and loving your pets in the South Park and Uptown areas. PET TECH FIRST AID, CPR & PET CARE TRAINED.
Kylie is a sophomore at UNCC and hopes to one day go to vet school. She loves working with all animals, even the scaly and slimy ones! Kylie has a dog named Itsy, a Bearded Dragon named Lenny, and a Painted turtle named Norman. She is hoping to add a kitty to the mix soon. "I love being a sitter for Nana and can’t wait to meet all of our furry, scaly, and feathered friends!" Kylie will be caring for your pets throughout the Charlotte area. PET TECH FIRST AID, CPR & PET CARE TRAINED.

Barbara grew up in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. She worked and lived in Guam and Connecticut. From there, Barbara relocated to Virginia and, since 2007,  has been calling Charlotte home. She is the mom of one daughter and Grandmama of two sweet girls.  She  has been a lifetime pet lover and currently is mom to a precious Rat Terrier, Sweetie. Throughout the years, her life always included various pets in her home. "Pets are special family members that deserve lots of love and care!" Barbara will be caring for your pets in the South Park area. PET TECH FIRST AID, CPR & PET CARE TRAINED.

Jenna moved to the Charlotte area in the summer of 2015, and is currently attending University of North Carolina Charlotte pursuing an English major. Jenna has been surrounded by animals since the day she was born, her first dog was a black lab, and she's never been without a pet companion since, whether it be dog or cat. Her newest friend is her cat, Ikora, who has been with her just over a year. Jenna has always been an advocate for pets, "I love taking care of the pets that show us all their love, and I can't wait to help spread that love to all of your wonderful pets as well!" Jenna will be caring for your pets in the University area. PET TECH FIRST AID, CPR & PET CARE TRAINED.

Connie was blessed to have pets as a part of her family for her entire life - and wouldn't have it any other way! She understands each pet is unique and needs special attention, love and care. She currently has a rescue collie mix who has progressive retinal atrophy. Special needs pets do not know any world different from what they have grown accustomed to slowly over time. Along with her husband Brian, Connie enjoys relaxing at home in the evenings, taking time to play with Ellie and her squeaker toys, and giving Ellie lots of pets! Through pet sitting with Nana's Pet Sitting, Connie has realized her passion for caring for others' furry family members and it gives her great joy! Connie will be caring for your pets in the South Park and Matthews areas.
Sherrie grew up in Vermont where animals were always in her life. She spent summers learning the responsibilities of animal care with her aunt and uncle on their farm. She had dogs, rabbits, chickens and kittens as pets. After attending college, her career took over, she moved to Charlotte, purchased a house, and quickly filled it with four cats, two German Shepherds and four children. As  her animals grow older Sherrie took care of their special needs before they passed away. Today her children are grown and her husband continues to work, but animals are back in my life! "I am delighted to be working with Nana's Pet Sitting and proud to be a member of Linda Edwards’ pet care team. Linda hires and professionally trains very responsible and loving people who assist her clients and their pets’ needs." Sherrie will be caring for your pets in the South Park areas. PET TECH FIRST AID, CPR & PET CARE TRAINED.