You and your team have been amazing. We love your service. We will tell everyone we know about Nana’s.

Thanks for everything.

Vince and Beth
Charlotte, NC March 2015

20 gold stars and thank you’s to Nana's Pet Sitting and especially Shelly for her fine care of Lacey this weekend! So comforting to know you are such a loving, competent and kind caregiver for an old Lady dog! And so dependable and trustworthy a service! We always feel comfortable leaving our dog and house in your hands! 

Thank you again!
Shep and Pete 
Charlotte, November 2014

Nana's provides pet sitting services for our Sheltie whenever we travel. She provides 3 visits daily, morning afternoon & evening. She provides food & water, takes her for walks & plays with her. She also collects our mail & waters plants. She leaves detailed notes of how things went while we were away.  
The minute I spoke with Linda I knew I could trust her to care for my baby. Aspen loves her and is obviously happy when we return home. Our neighbors frequently tell us how wonderful Nana's is and how impressed they are seeing her care for our baby. It is such a huge comfort to us to know Aspen will be cared for in the same way that we care for her. It allows us to enjoy our time away without worry.  
We have had Shelties for almost 30 years. We have bred them and showed them. We do NOT like to board our babies. We prefer that they remain in the comfort of our home with as little interruption in their routine as possible. We have seen a lot of pet sitters and my husband will confirm that I am WAY PICKY!!! I can say without hesitation, that Nana is by far the best. We are truly grateful she is available. Call her today. Once you talk with her, I know you'll want to learn more about her service.

Stuart, Charlotte NC
October 2014

The owner, Linda Edwards demands excellence from her organization. She cares so much about our fur babies, that is her main focus and she is fierce that they receive the best care, best attention and best love! There have been a couple of times that one or more of our fur babies got sick out of the blue and had to be rushed to the Emergency Vet, while we were out of town. Linda demands to be involved with her sitters and jumps in if anything is out of the normal. 

She ensures the fur babies are getting what they need from the Emergency Vet and stays with them at the Vets. An example of her dedication to the fur babies is when one of our fur babies had to go to the Emergency Vet, Linda connected me and the Vet on the phone. As the Vet and I talked, the Vet wanted to run more tests and it was already 7:30 at night. We were talking 10:00 pm for results and the decision on what to do with him. I asked the Vet to check with Linda to see if she could be there that late, before the Vet finished the question to Linda, I heard Linda tell the Vet, "I am not leaving Buddy, do what you have to do!" We were out of town and what a great reassurance to know Buddy was in good, caring hands!

We have full faith in her and better yet the cats love her and her sitters! If Linda is not directly taking care of our fur babies, she has daily/multiple check ins with her sitters to ensure everything is OK. 

Our one elderly cat takes all sorts of meds and Linda makes sure our elderly fur baby gets what he needs! Any question or anything that doesn't seem right, Linda is on top of it! She personally trains everyone on her staff and will not let them on their own till she is satisfied!

We take a lot of trips, Linda and her organization have proved themselves time and time again. When we come home the cats are not stressed, and reasonably calm. The house is well taken care of, anything that comes up, Linda or her sitters handle!

Linda is certified in Pet First Aid, well respected in the rescue and pet community and will not hesitate to do what is necessary for the well being of your fur babies!

If you love and care for your fur baby or babies, then you need and they deserve Linda and her organization to take care of them while you are gone!  

Mike and Dee Simon and of course, Miki, Buddy, King Lou, Mercy, Marvin and Junior
Charlotte, NC
October 2014

Hi Linda,
Just wanted to say thanks for another great experience! Ernie was well cared for and very happy when we arrived home today. I appreciate the little notes the sitter left. It's nice to know we can trust someone to look after our little guy and the house while we are away :)

Stephanie, Huntersville, NC
July 2014

Hey Linda, 
This is Mike, I just wanted to let you know how well you have taken care of our furry babies, and how you were such a blessing when we needed special attention when my mother passed away last week, I can never thank you enough for the above & beyond service you gave. But anyway----Thank you !!

Mike, Charlotte, NC
June 2014

Just a note to tell you how much we appreciate Kathy! After 7 days you would at least expect some stressed out cats! While the cats were glad to see us, their tension/stress levels seemed very low, which means a lot of loving attention from Kathy!  

We know we ask a lot, meds, special conditions, etc. On top of all that, Kathy goes above and beyond! It is such a relief to be able to go away and know our babies are being taken care of with love!

We also know that if something does go wrong, you are right there, involved and making sure it’s taken care of!

Thank you!
Mike and Dee, Weddington, NC
June 2014

Hi Linda,
I just wanted to say thanks to you and Liddy for taking such good care of Ernie while we were away. I could tell he was so much happier being home. It is nice to know we can trust someone to look after our house and pet while we travel. We will definitely call you again! :)

Stephanie, Huntersville, NC
February 2014

Linda and her team are amazing! From the first time I met with Linda to all of the notes from the pet sitters, they really treat my two cats as if they were their own. I am so glad to know that that they are always taken care of and if something happens and I am delayed, Linda and her team can easily step in to watch my cats. Not to mention that all of the pet sitters are first aid and pet CPR certified.

Of the five pet sitting services I have used over the past 11 years, Linda and her team are excellent! I love that Linda confirms appointments by sending out an invoice and that her systems are perfectly detailed. I also love that I receive a monthly newsletter from Linda and know about all of the happenings.  

When I am away from home, I never have to worry about Seuss and Shadow. I know that they are being perfectly treated and all is well!

Charlotte, NC October 2015

Nana's Pet Sitting responded within an hour to take care of my dogs!

On Friday I was suddenly stuck in a meeting and unable to go home and let my dogs out. As she has so many times, Linda Edwards of Nana's Pet Sitting bailed me out, last minute. I have called her with emergencies in the past and time and time again she has saved the day! I honestly don't know what we would do without Nana's!

Charlotte NC, October 2015
Nana's is amazing. They have been caring for my dog for five years now and I have never been disappointed. They respond quickly, even to last minute requests. They are extremely professional and each time I have to leave my dog in their care, I know that I do not have to worry. She absolutely loves them and they treat and love her like she is their very own. I could go on and on about the owner, Linda Edwards and the sitters that she has working on her team. If you are looking for a trustworthy, professional, caring, group to care for your pet then there is no other option in my opinion. Linda is the person to call! 

Charlotte, NC, October 2015
I have used Nana's Pet Sitting for several years. Over the last few months they have been very helpful with 2-3 visits per week. Many of these appointments were scheduled at the last minute. Linda has been very responsive and always able to accommodate me on short notice. Linda and Britany know our dog well and have established a good routine. I know they will be on time and take good care of our dog. This piece of mind is great - especially when I am traveling. I recommend them very much and will continue to use them in the future. 

Charlotte, NC, October 2015
My wife and I have been using Nana's for a few years now, and we've always had a great experience.
We've had a handful of different "sitters" from Nana's come by and care for our two kitties. All sitters keep a running log for each visit, so, when we return, we can read through the notes. If there is anything that a sitter thinks we need to know before we return, then Linda will contact me and let me know (e.g., one of our kitties had a little bit of a vomiting spell while we were away on one trip; this is actually not terribly unusual for him and no vet has ever identified any health problems, but it was nice that Linda let us know in case it was something we needed to have her take action on). I'll also say that the sitters seem genuinely to be animal lovers, which I guess you'd need to be in order to be in the pet-sitting business :-), but it's still nice to know this is not "just a job" for most of them.

We are also impressed by Nana's professionalism. I love that sitter requests are made via email so that everyone has documented the dates of all requests. Nana's is very thorough in documenting not only the obvious items (like food quantity, frequency, medication dosage, etc.), but also nuances about our kitties' feeding and other behaviors, in order to try to keep everything as close to normal as possible for them in our absence. We also appreciate that Nana's cares enough to make sure that we have returned from our trips on schedule. On multiple occasions we've been a little later getting in than planned, and each time, if I haven't let Linda know we were running a little late, I've received a text message from her checking on our status, just to make sure someone doesn't need to go care for the kitties. We really appreciate this conscientious attention to detail. Of course it's also nice that Nana's will quickly do other things while around the house--open the blinds during the morning visit and close them during the evening visit, collect the mail, roll out the garbage, etc.--just things to make the house look lived in and provide some comfort for the kitties so they don't have to remain "cooped up" in a dark house all day.
Nana's / Linda has been great to work with.

Charlotte, NC, October 2015
Lucky to have found Linda Edwards! Callie is a feral cat, born & lived outside her first two years. She adopted us & eventually we brought her inside. That is an extremely difficult transition for a truly feral cat & Callie has a very timid, though sweet, temperament. She is afraid of strangers. Like any smart wild animal, she sees a space with only one exit as a trap, which is just what she thought of the crate I tried to put her into for a trip to the cat kennel when we went to England. She panicked, scratched & struggled &I lost that battle -- the day before we were to leave.  
I am so grateful to Linda for agreeing to take on Callie's care at the last moment. I was pretty panicked myself, not wanting to traumatize Callie further & unsure of finding someone reliable to take the job on.  
I needn't have worried. Linda kept me up to date by email & Heidi, who came every day, left very thorough notes. It wasn't an easy 10 days! Callie hid and didn't eat for the first 3 days. Linda & Heidi really cared, went to a great deal of trouble to put food where she would find it & Heidi made 2 trips to the store for extra specially tempting kitty meals. Great success when Callie began chowing down! Heidi had very good cat sensitivity too, talking softly to Callie (though she never saw her!) and then deciding not to stress her by getting too close.
When I arrived home, Callie was healthy & much better adjusted than I expected she'd be, cheery & full of talk. I am impressed with Linda & Heidi both; their love for and understanding of cats is evident. So glad I found them!

Weddington, NC, September 2015
I have been using Nana's Pet Sitting for the past 5 years and can't even begin to explain how valuable the service has been. Linda has been great to work with and all of the individual pet sitters that have spent time with our dogs have been friendly, professional and most importantly very good with our dogs. I travel a lot for work and in addition to normal dog sitting have also used Linda's service for overnight stays, mail pick ups and emergency situations (such as those that require new locks and alarm systems). She's always been very responsive and I fully trust her company to both care for my dogs and keep an eye on my house while I am away. Whether you are just looking to get your dog walked while you're at work a couple days a week or are looking to have your house/dog taken care of while you're on vacation or travelling for greater lengths of time I would highly recommend her service.

Charlotte, NC, October 2015
Linda and her team are the best! They always take care of our pets and they really go above and beyond. They care about animals very deeply and it is evident in everything they do. I would HIGHLY recommend Nanas to anyone with pet sitting needs.

Mary Nicole
Charlotte, NC, October 2015
All went very well. All items were taken care of with a detailed report written for each day. They even sent me a text when the pet sitter was at my house about my one smoke alarm needing a new battery as it was occasionally beeping. We let her know we would take care of the problem when we returned in two days.
Had had some problems with a previous pet sitter who lost my key and notified me they couldn't get into my house when I was already over 500 miles away. With Nana's Pet Sitter, not only does the sitter have a key, but a back-up key is also kept with Linda, aka Nana.
They have earned the Super Service Award many times and that is what drew me to this company. They should receive it again with the great service I received.

Charlotte, NC, November 2015
A pet sitter came from Nana's and spent 30 minutes with my dog. Sitter will feed, walk, give medications, play with, give kisses, etc. My dog is always very excited when a Nana's pet sitter comes to see him. I used them after my dog had surgery, and always felt secure that my dog would be taken care of.

Chris & Marion 
Charlotte, NC, November 2015
I just got back from being away for 5 days and Nana's Pet Sitting took care of my 4 big indoor dogs. Got home and as always they were well cared for and loved while I was away. They were fat and sassy and so happy. Not only does Linda Edwards go above and beyond matching your needs to her pet sitters (we have Heidi and my boys and girl love her) but she takes great care of your home. Brings in the mail, turns lights on a off, and makes sure your house is locked up and secure. I have been hiring Nana's Pet Sitting for over three years and would not consider anyone else. Linda also teaches and is an expert in pet safety so I know my fur babies are in the best loving hands! Thank you Linda and Heidi for taking such care of my pets. I am forever grateful!

Charlotte, NC, January 2016
Thank you so much for the wonderful care your team gave Benjamin, Reese, and Franklin over the holidays.

Charlotte, NC, January 2016

I am always very impressed and please by the care your team has for there work and love of pets... please convey to Nicole how much we appreciate that she noticed today was our garage pick up day...She placed our garage roll out and recycle for pick up by her observation of the others in the neighborhood...again, thank you.

Linda and Bill 
Charlotte, NC, February 2016
I just got back into town and my boys have been raving about your wonderful service. Thank you and Adrienne again for putting up with us on short notice and saving the day! Henry was so loved. We couldn't have asked for more.

We will look forward to working with you again soon!

Charlotte, NC, February 2016
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I have been using Nana's Pet Sitting since she started back in 2007; for almost 10 years. I can honestly say that every time they provides services, I could not be happier. I travel a lot and use their services quite often and they have never disappointed me; not once. I always feel comfortable with Linda's team, especially Liddy, who do a fantastic job. As long as Nana is in business, that's who will be taking are of our pets when we're away.

Cornelius, NC, June 2016
Nana's Petsitting has been absolutely wonderful. Maggie is over 11 years old and cannot take the kennel any more. We have asked the staff at Nana's to take care for her whenever we travel, which we do quite often. We have never had any problems. They confirm the dates and times and reach out prior to our trip to make sure nothing has changed. Maggie loves the time spent with the staff. They leave notes every time they come. You cannot put a price on the piece of mind Nana's Pet Sitting provides. We highly recommend the service.

Charlotte NC, July 2016
As the lucky parent of a cherished Golden and a my quirky black cat, Dexter, I am so relieved to have a dependable and caring pet sitting person. Namely, Nana's. I've never had to worry about whether or not Stella would get a break from her long day while I'm at work from 6-5. I know the dog walkers love her a lot (who wouldn't!!!) and take special care of her, and Dexter when he is not hiding!!! Please consider Nana's to be part of your pet care, they are awesome!!!!!

Charlotte, NC July 2016
Nana's Pet Sitting has been servicing our dog for about three years now. I have used other companies that walk my dog and have also tried doggy daycare's but the convenience and personalization of Nana's dog walkers cannot be beaten. We appreciate the professionalism and dedication of their team!!

Matthews, NC July 2016
We've been so impressed with your attention to detail in caring for the girls and feel so lucky to have found your business. 

Charlotte, NC December 2016

 I've used them for years and Linda is completely trustworthy. They are fantastic!

Charlotte, NC February 2017
Nana's Pet Sitting is awesome! I have used for years and am never disappointed.

Charlotte, NC June 2017

When I first moved to Charlotte the summer of 2016 I was struggling to find someone to watch my 3 cats during times of travel. I've always had friends or family that could assist me in the past but knew no one in Charlotte. I ran across Nana's Pet Sitting service in the Highland Creek neighboorhood magazine and, based on her ratings and reviews, decided to give them a try. What a blessing! My assigned pet sitter Sharon was wonderful and watched my cats each time I traveled over the last year and a half. She left wonderful notes each day and my cats were completely comfortable around her. Nana's Pet Service was a Godsend and such a blessing to me as a pet parent.

Tierza Watts
Charlotte, NC March 2018
I have been using Nana’s Pet Sitting for over a decade and there is a reason for this: you could not ask for better service and care for your pets. I can always count on Linda and her team to ensure our cats are well taken care of, that they are on time and not only that, they spend time with your pets and ensure that your home is safe. My wife and I have peace of mind when we are away with Nana’s Pet Sitting, knowing that our cats are well cared for and that our home is safe for them. The follow-up and care is second to none. We always get a follow-up when we are slated to return to ensure our cats are not without someone available for them and have great notes from the sitter about each visit. Linda’s team, especially Liddy, provides such an amazing and professional service with great attention to detail. There is simply no other service we would ever consider. Thank you Linda and team for always being the best!

—Matt McCurdy
I have been using Nana's Pet Sitting for a number of years. But in the last two years her service has been critical to us. Last year my husband was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia. It was a very aggressive form. I was totally overwhelmed. We have 3 dogs: Belle who is 16, Sophie who is 4, and Che who was a puppy. Nana was absolutely amazing, not only taking wonderful care of our fur babies, but being supportive of me. They came whenever I needed them. And with multiple hospital visits and stays I could depend on them always being there for us. I am so Thankful to Nana's Pet Sitting services. I highly recommend there company.

Charlotte, Oct 2018
I can't say enough good things about Nana's pet sitting. Not only did they take excellent care of my elderly chihuahua they also took great care of my home. They brought in the newspaper, mail and even packages. My dog who barely lifts his head when we come home dances every time Nana's comes in. We use them for trip and twice a week walks If you are looking for a pet sitter this is the one for you.

Ryan Wolf
Charlotte, October 2018
We have been a client of Nana’s pet sitting services from 2012-18 and began using them after having had experience with other services that did not meet expectations. Over the last six years Nana’s cared for our cat, our dog, and our home. Sadly our cat passed in 2016 and our dog just recently in 2018. After those six years I can’t imagine using any other pet sitting service. I could go on about all the visits during that time and how we were comfortable leaving both our home and our pets in their care, and how our dog in particular was high maintenance on account of two knee surgeries earlier in life, which would all be true. But really one event sums it all up. As our dog aged we had begun taking advantage of Nana’s service for in-home overnight pet care when we traveled for multiple days. It was during one of these visits that our 14 year old Shepard mix began to experience an unexpected decline. Unable to return home immediately Nana’s took the extraordinary step of having someone at our house full-time until we were able to return approximately 18 hours after we got the first call. It was an incredibly difficult time, not being able to be with our dog in her time of need. Having Nana’s at our house made that period easier for both us and our dog as they were able to administer care and were even in direct contact with our vet. We arrived home in time to spend one more night with our dog before she passed the next morning. That experience validated in our minds that we had the best pet sitter in Charlotte. I can’t imagine finding another group that would have the resources, the dedicated staff, and the genuine interest to put everything on hold and find a way to bridge a gap in care for an ailing pet. It was well above and beyond any reasonable expectations. From top to bottom this has always been a professionally run company that acts responsibly and courteously in caring for both pets and home.  

Scott Hall
Charlotte, Nov 2018