Thank you for your interest in joining Nana's award-winning team! We are always seeking new, qualified pet sitters in and around the Charlotte area. We serve clients from Fort Mill to Huntersville and everywhere in-between. Being an in-home pet sitting business, Nana's takes hiring sitters seriously and asks only serious candidates apply. Our sitters develop deep bonds with the pets in our care because they are natural animal lovers, but also because they know a bond is important in keeping pets safe, happy and healthy while their owners are away. We become a second family to these pets and because of this important bond, we do not hire temporary summer work or seasonal holiday help. 
But if you are looking to start a rewarding career filled with purrs, tail wags and kisses, you have come to the right place. Applicants go through an interview process and extensive background check. Nana's sitters are not just responsible for the safety and well-being of pets but also the homes in which they reside and sitters must exercise discretion and respect when in the homes of clients. 

Sitters undergo an eight hour training class within the first two months of being hired. This extensive training class covers all aspects of pet care, first aid, CPR and wellness routines that are crucial to keeping pets safe. Cats and dogs get themselves into life-threatening situations, whether it's choking on a stick in the yard, being stung by a bee or suffering from dehydration, and Nana's sitters need to identify the issue immediately and take proper steps to ensuring the pet's safety. 
It's not always all about business
While sitters are out primarily on their own, Nana's does host several events throughout the year as a fun chance to get together, eat a fantastic meal, share funny pet stories and enjoy some company that can talk back in words- not just tail wags! 

Nana's participates in many local pet shows around the city as well as other volunteering events when the schedule allows. 
Pet Sitting Requirements
Working with live animals requires, at a minimum, someone who is dependable, punctual, honest and compassionate. Pet Sitters must also be:
        Flexible- schedules are subject to change due to visit cancellations and last minute requests
        Trustworthy- not only will you be working in someone else's home, but sitters must remain and be engaged at their visits for the         entire requested time
        Respectful to the homes and pets in our care
Sitters are required to have a car for reliable transportation to visits. While each sitter will have a zone, commutes between visits may reach 10 miles, however we do our best to schedule visits within two-seven miles.  
Sitters must have a working cellphone that is to be carried on them at all times while pet sitting in the case of a pet emergency.
Apply Today
If you think you are ready to join Nana's team for a loving and rewarding job where you are greeted with purrs, kisses, tail wags and playful pets, fill out your application today.
No prior pet sitting experience? Don't worry, some of our best sitters came to Nana's with only a love for animals and an excellent work ethic.
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